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Houston Industrial Photography Project

Photography by Leroy Gibbins

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    This site uses several slideshow displays to exhibit Leroy's photo and video images. All slideshows are dynamic as well as responsive.
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    The site uses different types of slideshows to display and categorize Leroy's four areas of photography.
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    The site's home page uses a full screen slideshow display which is both dynamic and responsive.
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    The video page uses a dynamic slideshow display and a pop-up overlay display that allows the video to play on the same page.
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    This project also made use of the Bootstrap 3 RWD built-in component as well.

Project Description

This photo gallery site was designed for local photographer, Leroy Gibbins. Like most online contemporary photo galleries, this site consists of several slideshows to display Leroy's many photos and videos. The animated effects are Green sock technology driven. This project shows the latest CSS3 typography usage, layout designing, photo manipulation, artwork, and UI/UX functionality. This site, as with all SGE designed web sites is RWD for various device usage. Standard Bootstrap 3 wire frame and HTML5 template shells were development to house and to display the content of the site.

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  • Feature Design
  • Visual Design
  • Typography Design
  • UI/UX Development
  • Bootstrap 3 Development
  • RWD Development